Why is CLA set to 5.481 on liftDragPlugin on Gazebo tutorial? should it be like 0.086? instead?

5.481 seems correct. Why do you think it should be 0.086?

Hi @AlexandreBorowczyk,

Thank you for the prompt reply.

If 5.418 is the CLa slope then I misunderstood something.

I calculated by taking the slope of the green line, also labeled CLa.

I have approximately taken:

m = y2 - y1/ x2-x1 = 1.40 - 0 /10 - (-5) = 1.40/15 = 0.093

Please ignore 0.086. but still its far from 5.418?

How was 5.418 calculated?

Thank you

unless angles are expressed in radians?

so 1.4/Radians(15) = 5.34???

Yes, CLa is expressed in radian

Thanks so much for confirming