Which version of MAVSDK repo to use

I’m currently running through QuickStart · MAVSDK Guide and noticed that there is a versioning discrepancy between the MAVSDK library installed using brew install mavsdk (1.4.18 according to mavsdk — Homebrew Formulae) and the MAVSDK repository that is pulled (2.2.0 according to Tags · mavlink/MAVSDK · GitHub).

I got the example takeoff_and_land to work after copying and pasting the 1.4.18 version of the example code instead of the 2.2.0 version to match my 1.4.18 library, however, I wanted to know if its best practice to continue using the 1.4.18 version installed by brew or use the latest 2.2.0 version.

Thanks for the note. The homebrew formula needs updating. I don’t have a Mac though.