Where can I connect FrSky X8R using SBUS on Dronecore 2.0?

I am in the process of carrying my old setup of Raspberry Pi 4 + Pixhawk to Dronecore 2.0, which is a combination of Cube+ Orange and a powerful computer.

Unfortunaly, the pinout does not have an RC IN or SBUS port. Is there a way I can change one of the ports through parameters to use as an SBUS connection?


It turns out it is located on the underside of the PDB. I connected X8R to the PPM port and now all is well.

Hi @Grueling2504

I am also trying to connect a rc to the dronecore 2.0. Did you only connect the PPM for the sbus communication? The rc i am using a herelink, and also needs a uart connection to the telem1 of the cube, but the dronecore 2.0 does not show which connector is the telem1, do you know by any chance?

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Hi @Grueling2504 , the uart is now working for me, but somehow the sbus connection not. I can’t get the joysticks to appear correctly in QGC. Did you change any settings in the dronecore to make the sbus work with the PPM port?

Hello Kevin,
I did not change any settings in the dronecore. Connecting the sbus connector to the port I mentioned did the job.
For TELEM1, I used the ports labeled “SER1” and “SER5”.