What is the difference between mission and mission_raw

I’m just starting to use MAVSDK with a simulator (using Python FWIW). I wanted to try subscribing to mission_progress. When doing this with mission, there are no callbacks, but when doing this with mission_raw, I get the expected callbacks. So I’m wondering if there is a bug or if I just don’t understand how it is supposed to work. The missions themselves are created and uploaded to the virtual drone in QGroundControl but started in Python.

The mission plugin uses a simplified abstraction around mavlink mission items. Without uploading a (simplified) mission, the mission plugin does not know the progress, so it can’t report it.

If you are uploading missions using QGC, then I suggest to use mission_raw which maps one to one to the mavlink mission items.

Thanks! Now that I know what I’m looking for, I found it in the docs here. Maybe the Guide section should be moved out from under the C++ heading to make it easier to find for those not using C++?

Thanks for this case. Very interesting.