What does the circuit_breaker mean in commander.cpp

I’m a novice,when i read the code in commander.cpp i find something like :

status_flags.circuit_breaker_engaged_power_check = false;
status_flags.circuit_breaker_engaged_airspd_check = false;
status_flags.circuit_breaker_engaged_enginefailure_check = false;
status_flags.circuit_breaker_engaged_gpsfailure_check = false; 

what does the circuit_breaker mean?is it something about hardware?

Yes,your thinking is right.
The circuit breaker check is used to check whether we can arm.

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Circuit Breakers are Softflags you will find in the Parameterlist. This is used to allow the User to enable/disable some security/safety Checks that are used for Arming. i.e. you can permit Arming when a USB Cable is attached, or permit Arming even if there is a Problem with the GPS.

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Thanks for the reply ,it 's really helpful.

Thank you.your explain is so clear! thank you.