Weekly Dev Call of November 21, 2016

The weekly call of November 21 will be led by Julian Oes and be focused on the v1.5.1 release testing. Here are the dial in details.

  • Multicopter flight testing (throttle TPA, position controller improvements)
  • Fixed wing flight testing (lots of TECS improvements)

Generally we should focus on only changing what improves quality and reliability at this point and work towards bringing this v1.5.1 release list to zero.

Some notes from the call:

  • Releases: general confusion about 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 release.
    It is not clear if or when the 1.5.0 release has happened.
    1.5.1 from the naming hints at a bugfix release and not really new features.
    Release opinions:
    • a stable branch is important and helpful
    • Users want to know what features have gone into a release
    • GitHub projects are good for team work, to coordinate work
    • Milestones better to track releases (and bugs).
  • What needs to go into 1.5.0:
    @AndreasAntener: bugfix for VTOL CPU issue, @tumbili will make a PR
    • @JulianOes: we should probably instrument all param_get and check if any of them is called on every cycle.
    • Can/should we use the Block library everywhere and for params? What are the flash/RAM implications? (@jgoppert what is your feel?)
  • About Ripples of sensor pipeline:
    We should document how an estimator can be tuned for high vibration airframes.
    And if the default is to handle high vibration airframes, we should document, how we can tune an estimator for a low vibration airframe.
  • @k0daij: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/5720: should we keep the ctl_latency perf_counter?
  • Log perf_counters in ulog? Could be helpful especially if we parse it with a script.
  • More/better developer/user documentation:
    • Pay attention to users that are starting and what they run into.
    • Create Devguide issues, or add documentation if a question comes up on gitter/discuss.
    • Pay somebody.
    • Developers should nag each other to update docs with their PR.

Follow up: