Week 29 Report July16 - July 20 2018

Total Flights: 210

PR’s (Assigned / Tested)

  • FMU / IO drivers #9917
  • Minimal HW manifest support need for FMUv5 #9978

Issues reported

  • Intel Aero: same issues maintaining altitude in ALT, POS, and Auto running current master #9939

  • Snapdragon: broken on master, ESC’s do not initialize #9971

  • NXPhlite: issues maintaining altitude in position, altitude, and Auto. The accuracy of the GPS is very poor. in POS it maintains the position but in mission, it doesn’t #9973.

  • Intel Aero: mission upload broken on master #9984

  • PixHack: RC is not detected on master #9989

  • Aerotenna OcPoc failing to engage Auto in master #9977

Vehicle Status