VTOL quadtilt rotor Flying wing mission mode work wrong

Thanks for everyone help. This problem solved.

Have you transitioned on the ground? Once in fixed wing mode do the controls respond as expected?

Yes. I had, the control responds as I move the controller, and it tries to stabilize correctly as I move the plane body.

this is a longer log of manual mode flight.
I don`t know how can be it goes right in manual control flight, but it goes wrong when in autonomous flight.

It appears you have solved the major issues - impressive. We are working on a similar project. I will suggest your manual mode vs. autonomous mode issue is a matter of timing and level of degree - so 2 factor. An experienced pilot in manual mode will adjust based on real-world inputs (everything) while autonomous mode control is making changes that are too radical and potentially too quick for the flight path, flight conditions, etc.

We programmed a feed-back loop to better define our autonomous mode control calls. We defined a matrix of flight conditions (temp, elevation, wind factor, humidity, …) and also developed a list of tests to auto-determine payload (max power - time duration for altitude delta [taking into consideration the flight conditions above]). This provided us a base line to sample real-world manual control decisions and use in the autonomous mode.

Yes, this is rather intense, but if you have gotten this far - you can handle it.