Vibration analysis

Hover test: Here is a plot of the spectrum of accelerometer data logged at 1KHz. Data collected using a slight modification to PX4 master (Pixracer/250 FPV quad). Props are 5x4.6 and are dinged up a bit; definitely not perfect balance. Largest vibration amplitude is on Y axis (green) smallest on Z (blue) as expected.

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Fidelity test: 450Hz sine wave excitation aligned roughly along Z axis

Fidelity test: 180Hz sine wave excitation aligned roughly along Z axis

Spectrum of gyro signals from 10 seconds of active flight with rapid roll/pitch inputs:

What is the purpose of this vibration analysis?

The vibrational characteristics of the flight environment are of interest to IMU and attitude control system designers. It’s also a good quantitative measure of RPM and prop balancing :slight_smile:

Is there a branch with the modifications to do this test myself?
Just wondering, thanks!

This is still “Work In Progress”, and could easily break the attitude controller, so I don’t recommend trying it yourself yet. I’ll post a link to my branch when/if I think it’s safe for others to fly.

@Mark_Whitehorn Impressive work. I’m excited to use this on my gas powered vehicle when it’s ready.