V-Tail configuration ( Mini Talon XUAV)- Orange Cube Pixhawk


Please can someone confirm the channels on the PixHawk 2.1 Orange CUBE for a V-Tail Plane .

Pixhawk PIN Channel 1 Aileron right
Pixhawk PIN Channel 2 Aileron left
Pixhawk PIN Channel 3 V- Tail right
Pixhawk PIN Channel 4 V-Tail left
Pixhawk PIN Channel 5 Throttle

Is this config correct as I have see otherwise from an ArduPilot setup

thank you

If you chose Plane V-Tail as the airframe, it should be:

  • MAIN1: aileron right
  • MAIN2: aileron left
  • MAIN3: v-tail right
  • MAIN4: v-tail left
  • MAIN5: throttle
  • MAIN6: wheel
  • MAIN7: flaps right
  • MAIN8: flaps left
  • AUX1: feed-through of RC AUX1 channel
  • AUX2: feed-through of RC AUX2 channel
  • AUX3: feed-through of RC AUX3 channel

Good luck.