V-Tail configuration ( Mini Talon XUAV)- Orange Cube Pixhawk


Please can someone confirm the channels on the PixHawk 2.1 Orange CUBE for a V-Tail Plane .

Pixhawk PIN Channel 1 Aileron right
Pixhawk PIN Channel 2 Aileron left
Pixhawk PIN Channel 3 V- Tail right
Pixhawk PIN Channel 4 V-Tail left
Pixhawk PIN Channel 5 Throttle

Is this config correct as I have see otherwise from an ArduPilot setup

thank you

If you chose Plane V-Tail as the airframe, it should be:

  • MAIN1: aileron right
  • MAIN2: aileron left
  • MAIN3: v-tail right
  • MAIN4: v-tail left
  • MAIN5: throttle
  • MAIN6: wheel
  • MAIN7: flaps right
  • MAIN8: flaps left
  • AUX1: feed-through of RC AUX1 channel
  • AUX2: feed-through of RC AUX2 channel
  • AUX3: feed-through of RC AUX3 channel

Good luck.

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thank you for the info.
Can you please advice with respect to which radio telemetry have you considered this config setting.
Are you telling me to separately wire the left and right ailerons to Main 1 and 2 of the pixhawk orange cube respectively. So only signal wire is required in this case as i plan to provide the power through a separate BEC. Please confirm

  • You can certainly use a Y-cable and just plug in to Main 1 or 2. Just make sure the your aileron directions are correct. Personally I prefer separate servos.
  • Yes, just signal but I usually just remove the power (red) wire and use both ground (blk) and signal (wht or yel).

Good luck.

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For roll to the right, the left aileron moves down and right aileron goes up. Is this correct ?

Similarly for right yaw, left elevator moves down and right elevator moves up. Is this correct ?

For stabilized mode , are the ailerons and elevators inline with the control surface or do they need to be in a specific position.