. /usr/share/mavlink_sitl_gazebo/setup.sh missing from Gazebo Mavlink SITL


I am trying to build Gazebo for MAVLink SITL on Ubuntu 16.04 by following the steps listed at:

All went well except when I tried to run the test:


Gazebo will now launch when typing ‘gazebo’ on the shell:

. /usr/share/gazebo/setup.sh
. /usr/share/mavlink_sitl_gazebo/setup.sh
gazebo worlds/iris.world

The /usr/share/mavlink_sitl_gazebo/setup.sh simply does not exist. And I don’t know how to find out when it’s installed. I suspect because this file is missing, the iris.world is completely empty (I would assume to see Iris at least…).
Your help is much appreciated.


Hi! I’m having exactly the same problem. Any ideas on how to solve it?