Using Siyi with Pixhawk 6c

It has probably been discussed here but anyways I have been away from RC for quite a while but took on a project where I am building a “V” wing pusher, Talon 1400 and I want to use the Siyi combination for long range while still having the ability to program the Pixhawk for autonomous flight. I have seen a lot discussion about using the above combination but no one has come out and shown exactly how the FR is connected to the Pixhawk. Is there anyone out there that has actually used this combination with the same outcomes that I am looking for and what is their success. If so could they provide precise diagrams with pinouts showing the connections. I also understand that there might be a couple of ways of doing it, one would be a direct hardwire and I also heard that using only Tx and Rx plus bluetooth also works. Please help as the manufacturers can’t seem to do so. Thank you in advance.

Hello, Duane,
I tried FR receiver and FM30. In my setup FM30 plugs into RadioMaster RC unit, and FR receiver connects to Pixhawk. RC works nicely. You do not need a special connector - just match signal and ground. Note you might stick with 4in1 RC until you are comfortable, rather than ELRS, as PX4 needs custom configuration. I tried Bluetooth and others with SIYI products, and I have not been lucky. Connection is dropped quickly and not useable.

So you are using telemetry2 terminal on 6C as input for usb? Also how much work is it to recalibrate the 6C in order to getting the ELRS all functional as I am building this for a friend and he knows that I took a brake for about 4 years from RC and wow I’ve got some learning, and another big problem I that no one is jumping out of the internet screen to help, you are the dirt to provide hands on assistance and even though wat I’m asking I minimal info, just this little bit greatly help and I thank you. Just please don’t disappear from here…

I have not gone with ELRS, as it was not my main objective, and 4in1 works for me. SIYI says it support ELRS, and I found you might need to compile firmware with ELRS option. I use TELEM for SIYI telemetry radio, remote ID module, and on-board computer MAVLink. There are several discussion notes on how to enable ELRS with Pixhawk. SIYI used to be active at ArduPilot, but they seem to be slow recently.