Using /mavros/vision_speed/speed_twist in PX4

Which uORB topic should I subscribe to in order to use speed_twist?

{vx,vy,vz},{rollspeed,pitchspeed,yawspeed} do not show up in vehicle_vision_position and vehicle_vision_attitude respectively.

Side note: can’t use listener vehicle_vision_position command. Is this because we can only use listener commands on raw uORB msg types and not uORB topics?

Aren’t you mixing MAVLink, Mavros and uORB?

Yes, but how? Speed twist does not seem to be included by default.

Mavros handles the MAVLink connection which is handled in the PX4 to convert it to a uORB message.

The command listener vehicle_vision_position is to be run on the NuttX system.

I don’t see where the vision velocity messages might be used.

The velocity twist could be mixed into the position/attitude messages, but it isn’t.

Then you have to send at least the position and the velocity if available

It is being sent thru MAVROS in the /mavros/vision_speed/speed_twist topic.

Is this a new px4 feature to include velocity vision in vision position/attitude uorb topics? My firmware is a month or so old.