User callback queue too slow

I am getting this warning from mavsdk server and my drone gets automatically disconnected due to this

[03:19:27|Warn ] User callback queue too slow.
See: Troubleshooting · MAVSDK Guide (mavsdkimpl.cpp:811)

I am using mavsdk python

This is my code

async def telemetrystream(websocket: WebSocket, event_type, is_mavsdk_function=False):
    while True:
        if is_mavsdk_function:
                drone = get_current_drone()
                if drone is None:
                mavsdk_function_mapping = {
                    "flight_mode": drone.telemetry.flight_mode,
                async for data in mavsdk_function_mapping[event_type]():
                    response = get_response(json_encoder(data))
                    await ws_manager.send_json(
                        {"event_type": event_type, "response": response}, websocket
                    # await asyncio.sleep(3)
            except TelemetryError as telemetry_error:
                await ws_manager.send_json(
                        "event_type": event_type,
                        "response": get_response(
                            telemetry_error, error_type=type(telemetry_error).__name