Unstable Drone in offboard mode


I’m flying a Tarot 680 pro with a payload of around 1kg. I am getting high accelerometer noise (I think).


I fly the drone in offboard mode where the drone switch from velocity-control to position control regarding my input from my command. The drone is flying very well in velocity-control, input are followed quickly. Once I switch to the position-control, we see very large oscillation around the setpoint.

I have tried multiple things, but I’m unable to figure out the problem

1. Change IMU_GYRO_CUTOFF to 30Hz
2. Change foam pads to a high quality grade
3. Recalibrate every sensors on the PX4

Unfortunately, the drone stay unstable. I got the following question :
1. Could vibration be the problem? Accelerometer get really high data in my opinion, but vibration metric seems ok.
2. Could it be a bad tuning of the Velocity-control or the Position-control? I’ve took a look at the PID analysis and the attitude controller and the rate controller seems ok to me.
3. Do you have any hint where the problem might be?

If needed, I can upload a video of the flight.

Thank you!