Unable to obtain battery voltage info from CUAV PMU SE

Hardware used:
CUAV X7 (Flashed with PX PRO the latest stable)

Hi there,

I am seeking to get some help setting voltage from CUAV PMU SE.
Consulting the manual, I did following steps

The PMU is connected to FC via Power C,
and UAV CAN is set to Sensors Automatic Config.

Battery does appear as ‘Battery124’ on QGround control, but the voltage stays at zero.

What is weird about it is, it works when I flash it with the latest beta firmware.
The battery voltage appears without problem. However,
I cannot use beta firmware since it has issue with my ESC.
ESCs (all pre-calibrated with stable firmware) beeps and does not arm (rotate) when tested with the beta firmware.

Please help me to understand how to get voltage sensor work with the latest stable firmware or
get the esc working with the beta firmware.


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