Unable to calibrate sensors in 1.7.1

Hello. I am trying to configure a Pixhawk Mini using the latest daily build of QGroundcontrol and firmware 1.7.1, and I am not able to calibrate any sensor. The vehicle is recognized for its parameters, but when attempting to calibrate, it does not recognize the vehicle position. I tried this on two different computers using different versions of QGroundcontrol. Both computers gave me the same result. Finally, I downloaded the 1.7.0 firmware, flashed it back, and it calibrates perfectly. Is this a known issue with 1.7.1 stable?

Hi @planetjdog,

In v1.7.1 we added a workaround for a certain batch of Holybro Pixhawk boards, but this caused a few issues on the Pixhawk Mini. It’s been reverted in v1.7.2. Please flash stable again through QGC and let me know if you have any further issues.

Hi @dagar,

I just wanted to follow up on the Pixhawk Mini issues. 1.7.2 has indeed solved my problems, and things seems to be back to normal for calibrations.