UAVCAN parameters missing

Hello everybody! I have two identical Pixhawk 4 flight controllers with the same PX4 firmware (version 1.13.3), but only one of them have a list of parameters such as “UAVCAN_SUB_FLOW” and “UAVCAN_SUB_RNG” for me to enable and use it with the Hex HereFlow Optical Flow Sensor.

While for the other flight controller all such parameters are missing and it seems like the flight controller doesn’t recognize the same optical flow sensor when I connect it to the same CAN1 port (Optical flow and Rangefinder are not found in MAVLink Inspector, unlike the first one).

I have tried to load the parameters I saved from the first flight controller, but the list of UAVCAN parameters will disappear again when I reboot the board. I have also tried to switch between different versions, but nothing seems to work.

For some reasons I really have to use the second flight controller. Could you help me with this issue? Thank you very much!

Could you save the params of both Pixhawk 4 and save them as a file and attach them here? Maybe that will give us an indication of what is different.

Sorry I don’t think I can upload .params files here, and I am not sure how to convert them into files with authorized extensions.

For the second FC, I tried to load the params I saved from the first FC, and now it seems like their only differences are the list of UAVCAN parameters mentioned above, as displayed in the picture below. After loading, the UAVCAN parameters will be displayed there only temporarily, and will disappear after reboot.

Do any parameters actually survive a reboot? Or do they all reset?

None of them survive. They just all vanish like the picture below.

Ok, that sounds like something is wrong with hardware then.