Typhoon model

Hi guys,

I was testing the typhoon_h480 model with the pan and tilt camera (src, Firmware, tools, sitl_gazebo, worlds), but when it is flying it is oscillating and it is not stable, so the output camera in QGroundControl window (or the same in Gazebo window) is shaking. is it a bug? Is there a way to modify the mass or inertia in order to solve this problem?
thanks a lot


@Pier You can modify the sdf file to modify the intertia and mass.

Thanks for the answer but I have been trying to do what you suggest, if i increase the mass of the camera the UAV will not take off and if i reduce the mass of the camera the UAV is more instable. About the inertia, modifying it will not implicate any changes, some ideas?
thanks again

@Pier That means that the simulation is accruate enough to reflect what will happen in the real world! If you increase the mass, the drone will be unable to take off in the real world too.

With the inertia, the effect will be smaller as the camera is mounted on a gimbal

Ok I agree with you but the Pan and tilt is not good on this model at the end. It reflects the reality but the oscillations are too much and i am doing a simulated urban monitoring with the camera but like said it shaking too much.

The key is not the mass, but the inertia. You can reduce the inertia of the link named cgo3_xx