Trying to control the individual motor of Quad from Pixhawk to implement a custom algorithm on a custom frame

Hello Nice People,

I have followed the procedure to implement PX4 SITL Gazebo in my computer and with the help of offboard_node example I was successfully able to hover the iris quad to a desired altitude.

However, now I would now like to control the individual motors of quad to implement my custom algorithms. I read a bit about Mixers but that did not help. Also, when giving command to the topic mavros/actuator_control I am getting the error, disable lockstep. After disabling the lockstep in iris.sdf and also the default.cmake I still get the same error.

But as I don’t know much, it is likely that I might be heading in a wrong direction. Can someone please guide me how to proceed in the correct direction?

Kashish Dhal