Transfer Parameters to Samsung Galaxy Tab II Android

QGC running on Linux MX-19 O/S on Dell Laptop 15.5". Pixhawk PX4 FC all setup in QGC on Linux. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 10.1 WiFi, Blue Tooth w/Android Lineage Custom ROM Ver. 7.1.2.(Nougat), attached to Flysky FS-i6x RC Transmitter. Tried to set parameters on QGC installed on Tab 2, USB connection has no 5+ VDC to power Pixhawk. Connected Li-Po Battery to Pixhawk for Power, Pixhawk and QGC on Tablet 2 do not link up. Would it be possible to copy the Parameter files from QGC on Linux to QGC on Tablet 2…? Without having to Set all the Parameters in QGC on the Tablet 2. In other words I can not connect the Pixhawk directly to the Tablet 2…! The Tablet 2 can connect directly to Linux PC via USB port. I do have the correct USB OTG Cable. QGC on the Linux PC is the QGC App.Image, I double-click the Icon on Desktop and it opens. If it is possible to Copy the files from QGC over to the Tablet 2 QGC, could someone describe the process…? Thanks in Advance… =)

Android versions of QGC can load parameter files from the QGroundControl/Parameters. You should be able to see that from the My Files application somewhere. Where varies tablet to tablet. Also how you transfter file using an SD card onto the tablet varies tablet to tablet. But hat is how you do it. Put file on an SD card and move to to the QGroundControl/Parameters directory on the tablet. Then just use the Load Parameter file feature from parameter editor.

Thanks Don…! I’ll try it after I figure out this QSslSocket cannot resolve…!