Tilt mechanism jitters when throttled up

Hello, need help in figuring out why the tilt servos jitter uncontrollably when I arm the VTOL tricopter tiltrotor plane and give throttle.
It’s a VTOL tilt rotor plane with vectored yaw using pixhawk 2.4.8. Front motors are directly mounted on the servo. As soon as throttle is given it starts to jitter uncontrollably as seen in the video. Tilt rotors function fine when armed but as soon as throttle is given they jitter uncontrollably. Please help

Video URL for a better understanding

What’s the PX4 version?

Managed to fix the servo jittering issue, had to decrease the yaw P and increase D in small amounts as guided by a user in another form.
This is what the first test flight looked like. Still oscillates slightly. My guess is to correct it by lower P of roll.

Posting the solution for anyone who faces similar problem in the future.

One question. Is it better to extend motor to esc wires or esc to battery/pdb wires?

You haven’t even answered my question yet.

I am using mission planner.

Right, in which case you’re likely using ArduPilot and not PX4 and might want to ask your questions over in their forum: discuss.ardupilot.org

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