Testing Gripper


I want to test gripper.
First, I tried to use payload_deliverer. So I followed the steps in px4 user guide. Grippers | PX4 User Guide (main)
But it is not working. It makes error that “nsh: payload_deliverer: command not found”.

I also tried to use MAVLINK parameter GRIPPER_ACTIONS. But I don’t catch how to use it.

What should I do?

And I also want to make application that operates gripper. In application I use MavSDK python version. But there is no related functions in mavsdk python. Do I have to use mavlink.send_message() and send mavlink command?

If it’s not supported in MAVSDK, you can use the MavlinkPassthrough plugin (only in C++) to send any command.

In QGC, why ‘payload_deliverer’ is not working?

Sounds like the module is not built. Have you added it to the .px4board file?

How to add it please