Target selection in QGroundControl video stream

If somebody can help me here, it would be great. I am working on target tracking and am wondering if a user can select the target from the video stream of the QGroundControl?
So that when he/she selects a target in the video stream, the pixel coordinate will be sent to the onboard companion processor for target tracking?

That’s not something that is implemented. You would have to add that yourself. Contributions are always welcome.

And for the MAVLink part we have some messages specified to communicate the tracking:

We have implemented this feature in QGC. Basically, once this feature is activated, it takes each touch input coordinate and writes to two parameters in PX4.
But one issue we are observing is, if the touches are repeated quickly, PX4 is giving “acceleration 0 timeout” or “mag 0 timeout” error. And in some cases, “CPU load reached 100%”.
Can you please suggest any way to resolve this?

We are using herelink module connected to Pixhawk cube 2.1 , running PX4 1.10.1