Subscribe to a callback for components being added

Does anyone know whether its possible to subscribe to a callback for components being added?

I’m specifically interested to know when the camera is available.

I’m using the C++ sdk on iOS pointed at my Yuneec H520. Currently on startup the sdk sends the get camera info message too early (before the camera component is added) and the E90 profile is not loaded meaning getting / setting camera settings is not possible.

I know I should go read the code, but posting here in-case there is a quick answer :wink:


Tasmania, AU.

Hi Dave,

So the usual (stupid) way is to “just wait 2 seconds”. At that point you should have received heartbeats (at 1Hz) from all components.

I agree that it might make sense to add a callback though, let me make an issue:


Cheers Julian,

That was the conclusion I came to. I’ll put some effort into implementing callbacks.

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