Stream mavlink debug message in minimal mode

hi Good Day
I am updating the debug_vect uORB topic with some custom data (USing custom module with simulink support package). I can get the data using onboard USB in QGroundControl MAvlink inspector.
but when connected to one of telem ports, no matter what setting I select( Config, onboard, normal, etc) I don’t get the data for debug vector. I tried editing the minimal.h file in mavlink folder and adding debug vector that didn’t help. I also used folliwing command in the shell
mavlink stream -r 1 -s DEBUG_VECT
that didn’t help as well.
in the documentation, it is said that I can add commands to RCS.txt but I have no idea how?
All I want is to add the debugVector mavlink messages to the stream in the minimal mode so I can get the data over telemetry as well.