SRXL2 rc protocol

Hi all,
I was looking for a receiver compatibile with my radio (Spectrum DX8G2) and I found that Spectrum suggests (here) the following models for copter: SPM4650 and SPM4651T.
Both use the new SRXL2 serial protocol.
I would like to know if in the next releases there will room for the integration of the SRXL2 protocol or not.
I found here the open source library developed by spektrum, so the work should be a matter of integration, but honestly I don’t know how to start.
Is there anybody interested in the topic?

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As Spektrum is moving to SRXL2 eventually, this protocol will be a necessity soon. The legacy satellite receivers (SPM4648) are discontinued already.

You should go to px4 github and search if it is a feature request and add it if not.

is there a specific place to put the request or not?

If you open an issue it should let select feature request.


I think even SRXL-“1” is also not supported. I experienced the identical issue on my AR8010T receiver like yours here.

And, somebody else mentioned the necessity here too, at the ArduPilot forum.

Yes, neither SRXL is supported, but in my case, the problem is solved within the last firmware release where the DSMX decoder has been rewritten by the dev team guys.
With the AR8010T, you can use the remote satellite alone instead of the whole receiver module.

I know that with Ardupilot it is possible to use the SRXL2 protocol exploiting a telem port on pixhawk. Maybe it is not officially supported, but that is something I didn’t investigate to much.
I have just found in the source code something related to SRXL and SRXL2 protocol.