Spracing h7 param save failed


I installed the latest git version on my spracing h7 board. The firmware starts as expected but I can’t modify any param. I got the error -27 if I try to save the params.
What can I do?

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I did some investigations and what I see is that the firmware try to store the parameters in the flash not on the sd-card. When I try t save the params manually “param save /fs/microsd/p.bin” it works.
It seems to be that the reserved memory in the flash is too small for the params. How much space is reserved for the params in the flash?

  • Check File Permissions: Ensure the file you’re trying to modify has write permissions. You might need to use a tool like chmod to adjust permissions.
  • Run as Administrator: If using a ground control station software, try running it with administrator privileges to ensure it has the necessary rights to write to the file.
  • Verify Disk Space: Make sure there’s enough free space on the board’s storage to save the new parameters.
  • Check Firmware Version: Consult your SPRacing H7 board’s documentation to see if there are any known firmware bugs related to parameter saving and if a newer version is available that addresses the issue.
  • Reinstall Firmware: In some cases, reinstalling the firmware can resolve permission issues.