SmartPort interface cable for Pixhawk 1

Hello guys !
I’m assembling my drone using Pixhawk 1 board and an FrSky X8R Receiver.
I want to connect the Pixhawk telemetry output on my X8R using SmartPort.
I read on this page : [] ( that I need an interface cable between the two boards.
Like I have some skills in electronics and welding, I wanna know if it’s possible to do my own interface cable.
Does some of you know the electronic shematic on these cable ?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

It automatically starts up and works only with v1.8.0 Developer px4fmu-v3_default.px4. It works with newer Dev versions but you have to start it manually.

You can try what this person did.

Good luck.

Thanks you very much rollys !! I will test that and let you know :wink:


I just test it and all works fine ! Thank you very much :smiley: