SIYI A8 mini 4K AI Mini Zoom Gimbal Camera - PX4 communication via Gimbal Protocol v2


I plan to communicate with SIYI A8 mini over PX4 using MAVLink gimbal protocol v2. However, I don’t know whether I can do this without modifying PX4. It seems they solved this issue for ardupilot by adding drivers for this gimbal and some other gimbals.

If an additional driver is needed -it seems so-, where to start? Lastly, does the @SIYI development team consider such support for PX4?

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have you made any progress with this?

May be this youtube link will help for your module additions**@ time event 1.17**

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Unfortunately, I could not make any progress in developing a driver for this module. Connecting this module to a companion computer seemed more straightforward to me (at least for my use case). However, It would be nice if we had such a driver. I asked the company again on their YT channel and they said they are working on MAVLink control.

@sibujacob thanks for sharing the video, it helps. However, I am not planning to do this at this moment.

FYI, I have received a sample SIYI A8 mini 4K and I will look into how to wire it up and hopefully talk to the gimbal and camera via MAVLink as SIYI says they have added support for the MAVLink protocol. This would mean that we shouldn’t need any separate drivers as such.


Hi @JulianOes . I have bought an SIYI a8 mini but could find any support or documentation regarding the usage of the camera in PX4. In ardupilot, they have drivers. However, I want to stick to px4 and use the camera. Any assistance in this regard is highly appreciated.

I’m about to test a preview firmware with gimbal v2 enabled. I’d assume this will be available soon.

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I would like to use the A8 mini with PX4, so I really hope this becomes available soon.

Also note: SIYI have released their own modified version of QGC which has camera controls popping up once a connection has been established. (Unfortunately based on earlier version 4.2.4)
→ Handy for those using an Android device (touch-screen)

Hi, currently attempting to connect to a pixhawk 6x fc but having no luck. Have you been able to get it working?

Yes, no problem.
But I believe this question should go under different heading as not related to the A8 camera.