SITL with RotorS and Qgroundcontrol connection issue

New user here. I have previously used px4_sitl with Qgroundcontrol, however I started using RotorS simulator ( and would like to run as sitl simulation with Qgroundcontrol. I assume that I can make use MAVROS (mavlink_bridge.launch) file to connect to Qgroundcontrol? I assume the default gcs_url channel is correct url to get connected with Qgroundcontrol. Right now, I am running a simulation in gazebo at the same time launching the mavlin_bridge file for default mav iris but QgroundControl still showing waiting for connection message. Has anybody done sitl with RotorS and Qgroundcontrol? Any help/hint is greatly appreciated.

@a-tab-a Not sure what you are trying to do. rotorS is a gazebo based simulation and cannot be run with PX4 SITL. Are you trying to run rotorS? or PX4 SITL?

Hey, I was able to run RotorS however I want to connect rotorS with Qgroundcontrol, is there a straightforward way to do this? I tried running mavlink_bridge.launch at the same time to connect to QGC, but it didnot work

@a-tab-a If you are not running SITL, what do you expect to see on the other end of QGroundcontrol?

@Jaeyoung-Lim , hope that I am saying it right, I want to setup rotorS as SITL with Qgroundcontrol just like px4_sitl, so that I can set waypoints and mission from Qgroundcontrol. Thank you!