Setting Trail Type for a MAV2DIcon type object(a derived UAVItem object)

I am attempting to set the trail type of my MAV2DIcon object by using void SetTrailType(UAVTrailType::Types const& value). However, this doesn’t seem to actually accomplish anything. Is there a specific manner in how I should be passing the parameter to the above function? I am utilizing QGC Version 2.6.0.

2.6.0! Wow, that’s like 5+ years old or something.

Indeed! I am working under a graduate student who has been working with the 2.6.0 version for a while now and is looking to keep it that way. Any ideas why I am not able to correctly set the trail type to none? I am calling the function as such: icon->SetMapFollowType(mapcontrol::UAVMapFollowType::Types::None) (icon here is my MAV2DIcon object)