Sensor calibration incorrect device ID

I recently upgraded PX4 from v1.5.4 to v.1.7.3 and after sensor calibration from QGC, I see some incorrect device IDs.
The correct device ID from v1.5.4 is 4288784 (hex : 00 41 71 10) and I see -264146672 (hex : F0 41 71 10) from v1.7.3. Comparing the hex values it seems incorrect typecasting.

I think it can be a merge issue. So what can be the possible source of this error? Which module or file should I look for?

I found the issue. In DriverFramework/framework/include/DevObj.hpp

struct DeviceStructure {
    enum DeviceBusType bus_type : 3;
    uint8_t bus: 5;    // which instance of the bus type
    uint8_t address;   // address on the bus (eg. I2C address)
    uint8_t devtype;   // device class specific device type

union DeviceId {
    uint32_t dev_id;
	struct DeviceStructure dev_id_s;

Since the first field of the union DeviceId is not larger it is not zero initialized and hence there is a non-zero byte.