Sending GPS data of QGC to Custom Server

Hi everyone. first of all sorry my english is bad. Second im new to C++programming.
So if there is some error to my topic pls leave a comment.

The thing what i wanna do is…

  1. find the codes where retrieves the data [ latitude, longitude, altitude ].
  2. make a DronePacket(a class which i made) which will contain data [ … ]
  3. send the DronePacket instance to my server computer.

My problem is…

  • To proceed with the first step what should i have to search first?
  • Is my plan seems to work?

I’ve already programmed DronePacket class and used it for sample_server and sample_client to test if the DronePacket works.

Any idea about this, is welcome.
If you know the procedure to understand the QGC codes(not entire, just to know how the codes work)
of have some advice pls leave a comment. Thank you.

I would recommend starting by using mavlink and the custom build/plugin architecture outlined in the QGC developer docs.

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thank you! I will try to look QGC developer docs!