Release 1.12 Requires a GPS Change but unsure which ones

Here is the GPS full release about the v1.12.0, " The GPS protocol now defaults to u-blox for faster startup, and GPS_x_PROTOCOL needs to be changed if another GPS is used."

In the QGC parameters under the GPS_1_PROTOCOL there are 6 options:

  • Auto detect
  • u-blox
  • MTK
  • Ashtech / Trimble
  • Emlid Reach
  • Femtomes

My 2 questions are:

What does each option mean?

If I use the GPS Module (with compass) M8N, which option would work best?

Hi, the options are just names of different protocols (like languages) that modules can speak.
The most common option is u-blox. If you’d have to use another one you’d likely now about that.
M8N GPS/MAG combo units are typically u-blox as well. :wink:

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