Qt WebView Issue

Dear QGC Gurus,

I attempted to add a Qt WebView to the QGC UI and encountered an error as follows.

ASSERT: “webEngineView” in file qwebview_webengine.cpp, line 219

The QGC baseline I was using is v3.2.0. The Qt WebView I added is a simple WebView as described in Qt WebView Examples - Minibrowser (http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtwebview-minibrowser-example.html).

The WebView Example work fine on my machine but my prototype does not. To be precise, the Qt WebView is initialized in main.cc right after the instantiation of QGCApplication and the WebView is added to the MainWindowInner.qml. The corresponding libs are defined in the qgroundcontrol.pro. The code snippets are revealed infra.

Has anyone encountered the similar problem and know the solution to address such issue?
Your feedback and guidance would be highly appreciated!


#include <QtWebView/QtWebView>
QGCApplication* app = new QGCApplication(argc, argv, runUnitTests);


import QtWebView 1.0

Item {

WebView {
id: webView
anchors.fill: parent
url: “http://www.qt.io/


QT += \
        concurrent \
        gui \
        location \
        network \
        opengl \
        positioning \
        qml \
        quick \
        webview \
        webengine \
        quickwidgets \
        sql \
        svg \
        widgets \

I am sorry, I cannot help you, but I am curious: What is your goal?