Qt Creator failing to parse project


I am trying to setup Qt Creator for PX4 development. I have followed the instructions here: Building the Code · PX4 Developer Guide and while I can successfully build the firmware, it seems that Qt Creator is not parsing the files correctly when in the edit view. (Also, the video seems a bit dated, as the new version of Qt Creator has an entirely different setup menu when opening a project with “Kits”.)

If I open any .cpp file under the project within Qt Creator, there are many errors (red underlines) that suggest that the file is not aware of any other files in the project (e.g. “file not found”, “unknown type”, “undeclared identifier”, etc.).

Should also mention that the firmware builds fine from the command line as well. I assume the issue has to do with the project files, although I am confused as to exactly what purpose they serve and why the folder they are generated to is different between Linux and macOS. Any help or information about this issue is greatly appreciated.