QGroundcontrol getting parameter data in any .qml file

I rearranged the QGroundControl application according to my needs. I need to make changes for direct access to some parameters from the Fly View (Flight Screen). For this, I tried using the FactPanelController Class and the GetParameterFact function. However, the relevant parameter value always appears as “0” in the text I created and I cannot change the parameter. Is it not possible to use the getParameterFact function directly in .qml files?

Hi ,I’m having the same problem. Did you fix it? When I update the parameter, the parameter in Pixhawk is not updated, only the page created with qml is updated.

Yes, I somehow solved this problem 1 week after I wrote it here. The algorithm is as follows, I change the parameter in the tool, save it and reconnect it. In this way, I can instantly change the flight speed and other parameters I want by changing the speed (wp_speed) parameter from the application home page. Of course, I didn’t try this on a real quad because I didn’t have much time. When I solved it, I only tested it in sitl and it was working.

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Thank you , I will try what you have said.

The parameter from Pixhawk always appears as zero at first. When we change it later, it changes from the qml page. So how do we show the value of the parameter directly when we connect at first. I created a fact as below, then I used the fact.value
property Fact fact : controller.getParameterFact(-1, “parameterName”) I have worked on Battery data before, but I have not encountered such a problem.