Qgroundcontrol Black screen

This is my first time using QGC.
I follow the tutorial Redirecting to latest version of document (master)
Installation, I have used both methods, and they all installed successfully, but when I start QGC, it will turn black.

My OS is ubuntu16.04LTS.
The QGC I installed is v3.4.4.
Also I use Oracle VM VirtualBox v5.2.12.

My guess is that it has to do with the GPU drivers inside Virtualbox. Is there a reason why you use it in a VM and not native?

When I open QGC for the first time, it can be opened, but it can’t be opened after I close it. Reinstall still can’t improve black screen.
Because I don’t have any extra computers at the moment to install Linux OS.

I solved the problem. This is the display setting problem of Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. Could you describe which setting for people having the same problem and reading this?

Oracle VM VirtualBox settings “Settings / Display / Enable 3D Acceleration” must be turned off.

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