QGC NEEDS to allow for continuous flights through way points!

HI there, please can someone inform me of whom to approach to so that the PX4 flight controller can fly through a way point smoothly on QGC and not stop at each one. The Free Fly ALTA X is supposed to be a platform we can use for LIDAR scanning but LIDAR needs smooth transition into each way points. Stopping creates unusable and inaccurate data. This needs to be solved by developers urgently please.

This has nothing to do with QGC. If you ask on a firmware forum you are likely to find more people who can answer.

Hey Tom,

PX4 is the “kernel”, how each product performs using it depends on the configuration and the exact deployed software version. It happens to that Auterion already identified the need for this feature and has brought it into it’s latest enterprise release: LINK

As you can see in the image below you get exactly what you need. Freefly has partnered with Auterion on the Astro, there is an Alta X in the works that will run Auterion, but for that you would need to inquire with Freefly.

Auterion does upstream all the features it builds after having released it to its customers, so this will become available in PX4 upstream over the next couple of months - but there is no defined timeline for it, as upstreaming can take time.