QGC Dev Call: September 29, 2022

September 29, 2022

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Hi, I am a little bit confused because here


you say the devcall will happen bi-weekly on Fridays. The date here is a Thursday and in the calendar: Dronecode Calendar — Dronecode Foundation the next QGC devcall is scheduled for Tuesday 4th of October. Is there a meeting on 29th of September at 17.00 Berlin time on Jitsi: Jitsi Meet ? I would like to propose/discuss my PRs #10419 (ftp parameter download) and #10420 (video repairs). Is there a chance to put this on the agenda?

I’d also like to add to agenda PR #10349 which fixes many issues with video. It’s complementary to @fredowski 's #10420 as I focused on mess with enabling and disabling video sources - and using video sources even when not needed! And Friedrich focused on problems with GStreamer itself.

Second PR I’d like to discuss is my new feature of binding joystick buttons to PWM values PR #10431 described in feature request #10430

Thank you.

So we had a nice meeting with @fredowski but nobody else showed up :slight_smile:

I suppose real meeting will happen on 4th Oct.

@zdanek @fredowski Hi. Did you two ever find out when these meeting take place? I’d like to start attending them, but it is not clear when exactly that is possible.