QGC can't load Parameters when using WiFi Telemetry

Hey! I want to use an ESP8266 to connect with my Pixhawk but I got several errors and the most of the parameters couldn’t be load. Has anyone an Idea why?
I couldn’t arm the Quadcopter either.
When connecting via USB everything is fine.

My guess may be that your WiFi connection is so noisy that even after retries it doesn’t get all params. As to how to fix that I can’t help there.

Mh, I tested the WiFi Module with my PixRacer so i don’t think that the WiFi Connection is the problem. :confused:

I have observed similar behaviour with mavlink routed trough Ethernet. Therefore I suspect there are some dead-lock in receiving parameters by QGC. It is not related to packet loss probably.

The MAVLink page in Settings will show you packet loss.