PX4FLOW video downlinking button not appearing [Solved]


I was following this website (link below) to focus the lens of PX4Flow sensor. I could upgrade firmware for PX4Flow sensor using Qgroundcontrol. Although I cannot find > Tool Widgets → Video Downlink

According to some websites, older versions such as Qgroundcontrol (v2.8.0) used to have this option. Is it no longer available on newer version?

PX4FLOW Smart Camera

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Did you try connecting the px4flow directly with usb?

Yes I was directly plugging in the px4flow with usb. I didn’t connect it through px4.

The UI for PX4flow video in new version of QGC has been changed.
There is a dedicated PX4flow button on the left panel when PX4flow board is detected.
the video will automatically show up in the center of screen when flow board is connected with QGC.

When I plug in px4flow, on the FIRMWARE page it is detected.

Although nothing happens when I plug in px4flow if I am not clicking FIRMWARE.

Are you using QGC 3.2.x? that does not work. use 3.1.x earlier instead.

Oh ok thank you. It’s now working fine with version 3.1.3.