PX4 Sync / Q&A: July 3, 2024


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Release Discussion

1.15 Beta2 tag is cut


  • Best way to use DMA driven for now is trade off the open non used DMA channels.
    To add a frame only maybe another solution is to use Dshot timers only for 4 channels which is not that recommended.

  • @Rowan_Dempster The precision of mag true north and declination?
    @dagar After mag calibration you would be expecting to have true north. (whatever source of mag declination compensation is). Having a log could help with the declination or MAVLINK magcal message.
    @slgrobotics I had the same problem on a rover with MPU9250, RM3100 and more - and couldn’t fix it with parameters, calibration or physical placement. Ultimately just started using dual antenna RTK GPS

  • @mwbb What if the the vehicle is not easy to do the mag calibration?
    A combination of manual offset and also after a mission.

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