PX4 Erase CAL_ACC, CAL_GYRO params


Still testing my boards. Sometimes it make warnings: Preflight check fail: gyros inconsistent… or accels inconsistent.

Tried to make thermal calibration, but it always fail because sensors temperature is too high. But I get it frozen -20 and T_min about 0, +5… doesn’t start thermal calibration.

Do you know something about this case?

May be increase somewhere acceptable inconsistency of sensors not to have warning every time?


Perhaps @dagar can lend some advise.


Please, explain me such a thing… When I upload Developer Build Fw, buzzer on startup begins to sound short… only two first beeps from usual melody and thats all. Nothing else unusual, only sound. When I upload Fw 1.8.2 back, it sounds as usual again.

I have one Pixhack V3 board from another batch, it sounds normal on each Fw. But 4 other boards make me nervous.

Also this first board works much better with its sensors. After I solved the problem with calibration params erasing - it works perfect with Developer Build Fw ( warm or cold - doesn’t metter). But other 4 boards always make warnings about inconsistensy of Gyros… One of them began to make warnings “No valid data from Gyro1”… I decided not to use it at all.


It seems, all the problems because of magnitometer not connected and calibrated. When I connect mag to the board, it sounds well on start up. I will try to setup all together and calibrate everything. Than it will be clear.