PX4 Eclipse + Windows


I am trying to get PX4 firmware development environment working with Eclipse which is running on Windows. I get the following error: Program “make” not found in PATH.

Is there a way to get the toolchain working with Eclipse on Windows or not?

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I have a similar problem!
Did you manage to solve it somehow?
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Eclipse is typically used as a code-reading tool. To compile PX4 firmware, you need to install a compiler supported by PX4. The PX4 official Windows toolchain has been discontinued. I recommend using: RflySim:A Toolchain For The Development, Testing, And Evaluation Of An Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Based On PX4

RflySim is completely free and can be used directly on Windows after installation. It comes with built-in tools like QGroundControl (QGC), PX4 source code, WSL compiler, and more. It includes most of the common software used for drone development!

For more detailed information, please visit https://doc.rflysim.com . The basic and advanced trial versions of RflySim can be obtained by providing your email address through the download link at https://rflysim.com/download . For the full-featured complete version, please inquire at service@rflysim.com