PX4 Dev Call Recordings?

We have been recording the PX4 dev call for the past few weeks, and we would like to know your thoughts

Have you listed to a Dev Call recording before?

  • More than twice (2>)
  • 1-2 times
  • Never listened to a recording before

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Do you find the uploaded recordings useful?

  • Yes
  • No

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In your opinion, how can we improve the Dev Call? (Please leave your answer below in a reply)

The recordings personally help me to go back and listen to the call and make sure I didn’t miss anything. Pass on that information to my Test Flight Team. We can improve the call by sticking to the agenda, each topic can be discussed maybe just for a couple of minutes, that way each topic gets shared and discussed.

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The dev call recordings is very useful for the person english is not native language like in china, and these recordings could help us to understand the px4 situtation.