PX4 Dev Call: November 16, 2022

November 16, 2022

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PX4 Irchel SITL Site meetup happened!

This is not SITL!

Log is here: https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=1bc00b8c-b61c-4e2b-b9e0-b8e2cb78ee53

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Q.1 : HITL Takeoff fails on JSBSim

I’m trying to do HITL simulation for a FixedWing aircraft on JSBSim, I can connect and ARM the plane, when trying to takeoff, it rolls / goes haywire and crashes. I have tried every takeoff method. SITL works already.

Manual takeoff ( RC and Joystick ) , Mission mode, Offboard mode.

I’m have tried HITL simulation on CubeOrange on PX4 version 1.12.3 / 1.13.0. and ran the simulation HITL Branch on Ubuntu 20.

  • RASCAL XML was changed

Diagnosis: Vehicle’s Actuator ouptut is probably not correctly configured.

Actuator doc on actuator ouput: Actuator Configuration and Testing | PX4 User Guide

Q.2 : Camera Trigger not working - Jay :camera:

With A7R Camera, the camera isn’t triggering.

Camera_Trigger: Output to trigger camera. Enabled when TRIG_MODE==0. Configured via TRIG_* parameters.
From here: Actuator Configuration and Testing | PX4 User Guide

Using camera trigger test app. Seems like it is trying to focus the camera or sth.

Matthias: Maybe it’s because trigger pulses are too frequently being sent out (e.g. When you press camera trigger quickly, it usually focuses).

TODO: Will check the actual PWM output via Signal analyser.

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D.1 : MAVLink PR Revert - Alex

TODO: Catch Hamish to discuss why this broke QGC Communication part of PX4.

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PX4 Dev Call: November 09, 2022

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