PX4 Dev Call: March 09, 2022

March 09, 2022

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Community Q&A


Found a usability issue while using a the VTOL aiframe and not wanting to transition. It automatically (couldn’t finish)


  • Is the DO_SET_SERVO command supported?
    The best solution is to use the new control allocation system and the DO_SET_ACTUATOR command. That will work nicely. It is also available during a mission
  • Terrain following logic?
    Matthias : In a Multicopter, for altitude mode there is a terrain following mode. But for mission,
    But there are 2 frames, and mission runs on ‘global’ frame, so need to consider that for accounting for the distance sensor altitude value.
    Daniel : QGC Support, ‘frame’ option to take this into account
  • Water sensor
    Daniel : would feed it to EKF2 terrain estimator, and check output (for this sensor over water use-case), and use it as altitude feedback.
    Safy : Current, altitude deviation from sonar sensor was very jumpy.
    Daniel : Altitude vs Terrain estimate, they are different.

Global :

Mavlink Message “ALTITUDE”, element ‘bottom_clearance’.


Fellow Jitster

  • Trying to have a new Compass, Holybro IST210.
    David : if the address of I2C devices are not interfering with each other, it should be fine.
    Daniel : Can use -s on a driver level, to try different addresses (-a).
    Fellow : Current re-doing them in console manually everytime.
    Daniel : Should create issue & fix code use case for this magnetometer address issue.
  • Dual Mag.
    David :

V5X GPS2 is I2C2
EXT2 is I2C3

GPS Error (Patrick)

Using Global GPS from Holybro, and using local_gps module, the coordinates are 0,0,0.
After landing, the coordinates aren’t 0,0,0.

Matthias : Local position set when estimator initialized. Global set when GPS estimator initialized?

Coordinates gradually increasing / decreasing.

Project Updates

High priority queue

Discussion based on board: High-Priority Queue · GitHub


Daniel : Newer RC protocol called ‘ghost’ issue. Someone’s crossfire scanned & latched onto ghost protocol & self-armed and took off!!!

Matthias : Happend as well, used crossfire receiver back then.

Charles Cross : For non-aerial vehicles, is the current master branch stable enough? Daniel : yes.

In-Depth discussions

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