PX4 blog - Meet the Contributors Series

Hello fellow community members,

We have started a series on PX4 blog called “meet the contributors”. The motivation behind this is to share the stories of the contributors from our global ecosystem.

Have you sometimes wondered “who is this person behind this GitHub avatar?”. Know what? You aren’t alone in feeling this way. At PX4 DevSummit in June this year, some of the developers who have collaborated for years had the first chance to meet in person.

We’d love to bring out more of these true personalities behind the GitHub handles and we’d love to feature YOU!

Here are the blogs we have featured so far:

Nuno Marques from Portugal
Julian Oes from Switzerland
Hamish Willee from Australia
Jacob Dahl from United States

The only criteria to be on the feature story is that you are an active contributor of PX4 and work with the upstream project.

The process to submit a story is straight-forward using this form

Once you fill out the initial questionnaire, the editor will contact you with more questions to put it into a full article. We rotate across Asia, Europe, N America, S America, Africa, so that we showcase contributors from different parts of the world.

By highlighting your story, we hope to generate value for you/your company as well. We’d love to hear what you are innovating with open-source drone technologies!